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C-Style /
Hip Hop Fusion

The art of dance is much more than the act itself – there are steps and there is movement. In Hip Hop Fusion/C-Style Corey calls on a multitude of ideas from around the world and he sets your movement free. In Corey’s Hip Hop Fusion/C-Style class the funk can come from anywhere, it could be Salsa, West African, Haitian, Jazz, Vogue, Cuban, or the way someone just walked in the door and stopped to look in the mirror. The baseline is a true Hip Hop feel but anything goes. You could find yourself doing Ballet or Butoh — this is hip hop dance opened up to new influences and great adventures. Set yourself free to explore many different styles and mix it all into your dance. Whatever gives you more to show and create – that’s Hip Hop Fusion/C-Style by Corey Action.



Corey Action always has something exciting for you... Wanna dance??? Then check out one of CA's classes that are just right for you. 


Corey Action & New Style Motherlode is bringing you something HOT & NEW. Are you ready for something over-the-top and fierce? Here it is! This is “Strike a Pose”. Learn the hottest moves and techniques in Vogue, catwalk, wacking, punking, Fem-styles, poise and more. With the bay area’s HOTTEST choreographer and the internationally known Corey Action! Bring your attitude, face & pumps to the dance floor.

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Cardio Hip Hop First this class is about fun, take Corey’s Cardio Hip Hop and you will release all the places you are holding in your body, lose some weight, move some calories and sweat!


Why run to build cardio endurance if you can dance? Corey’s class is a party. To party means the opposite of work – so the class choreography is always going to provide a challenge without being overwhelming. In Corey’s class some people may do double-turns, some people may just take a step to the side, but it all works together and everyone has a good time. The point of being free is to be able to cut off and move around, regardless of your level you will be in the vibe and time flies while you’re having fun.


Beginning & Intermediate Hip Hop The latest craze in the club comes easily when you have Corey to break it down. In beginning Hip Hop you learn to decipher the exact movements that form the foundation of Hip Hop. You can be sure you are the first one to learn the hottest new step and your knowledge will be solid. Everything you learn is built on Corey’s 25 years of Hip Hop dance. In beginning Hip Hop you learn about counts and how your body moves from one position to the next within the time of the music. This first class teaches you proper body placement giving you the balance and strength to go into each next move. When you reach the intermediate class you build on what you know and learn how to deliver dance movement to the fullest. You learn how to pick up choreography faster which really comes in handy during that next audition or at that krunked up party. Finally, you will learn the technique it takes to finish the style off according to the choreography you are learning — from hard core East Coast to Southern style booty shaking — West coast turf dancing from Northern California to the L.A. Krump style. With Corey Action you are prepared for anything Hip Hop that comes your way!


Choreography and Movement Workshops by Corey Action


Workshop: Inspiration from the Inside Out


Result: You will be Free


(If you are Free now, you will get Liberated.)


In the beginning there was pure energy; then the creator made form. This is the dance of life and it is more than steps with names. As choreographer you are playing the role of creator - to touch the sublime and the divine takes a special ability - and in this space of infinite power is where your individual genius resides. Corey will teach you how to go deep inside and listen to this essence of creation. This is where you find out what is happening inside you and turn that into movement. You will discover the space between the vibration and the wave, the beat and style, and find the frequency that suits you.


Sound a little far out? It’s not, it is within.


This workshop provides:

Practical Tools

Shape Work

Position speakers to hear the music the way it was intended

Set music levels for teaching or creating

Learn how to lose yourself in the sound

Find the source of energy that moves you

Create Freely


Group Experience

Vibe off each other

Gather in a circle and listen

Breath together

Balance and bounce off each other

Create group choreography



Be with people who want to take a class like that

Free-style movement…let your body do its moving without you thinking about it

Lose yourself to what’s supposed to happen

Release from the outside world go into the spiritual plane

Live and dance the inspiration that comes from inside you


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